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3-in-1 Detailing Brush
3 Set with different hair

Item Number: BR20
Material: PP Handle Handle Length:19cm; Hair length: 4.5cm
Alternative Brush Head: Boar Hair/Synethetic Hair/PP Hair 
Brush head can be screwed off and replaced.

Size, Color, Logo Can Be Customized
Item Number: BR20
Product Name: 3-in-1 Detailing Brush

GlossOnly 3-in-1 Detailing Brushes  is made of new PP material, which is comfortable and practical, the most important is that this is replacement handle, it is more economic for users.
Ergonomically designed, metal-free handle,  you will be able to clean longer, safer, and more comfortable than with other detailing brushes.

1) 3 different bristles for multifunctions. 
2) Brush head can be screwed off and replaced, more economic .
3) Ergonomically handle designed. 
4) Chemical resistant handle.
5) Metal free construction to prevent scratching. 
6) Convenient handle design to minimize user fatigue.


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