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LED Telescoping Car Detail Tripod Light
Tripod is optional

Item Number: DL01
Material: ABS, Aluminum Rim And Steel
Weight: 4.6 Lb
Size: 9 x 9 Inch
Working Time: 1.5 - 4 hrs
Charging Time: 8 - 15 hrs
Charging: Micro USB
Output Power: 50 Watts
Color Temperature: 4,000K
Lithium Battery: 11.1V DC, 4400mAh
Daylight Color Temperature: 6,000K/ 1,800LM
Warmlight Color Temperature: 4,000K/ 1,500LM
Item Number: DL01
Product Name: LED Telescoping Car Detailing Tripod Light(Tripod is optional)


As a versatile functional design, the rechargeable worklight can be worked well as a regular portable work light and also a professional specialized auto detailing work light.
Magnetic base, convenient to be adsorbed on the metal surface. 180-degree body adjustable, easy to find the best beam angle for you.