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Nano Ceramic Coating Applicator

Item Number: WA21
Material: Quality Foam
Size: 9*4*(2.5+0.5)cm (Wrap with 4" suede microfiber cloths)

Size, Color, Logo Can Be Customized
Categories: Waxing Applicator
Item Number: WA21
Product Name: Nano Ceramic Coating Applicator

GlossOnly Nano Ceramic Coating Applicator is a no-nonsense tool perfect for serious detailers. The blue foam side of the 2" x 4" Applicator Pads makes for a easy and comfortable grip. 
The black soft sponge surface allows for a smooth, even and scratch-free application of liquid car care products.

1. Perfect for any car wash, easy to scrub off dirt and grime. 
2. Will not scratch or damage even the most sensitive surfaces. 
3. Using the coating applicator with polishing liquid, paste or powder to reach a better effect. 
4. Soft sponge applicator with comfortable touch, and easy to grip. 
5. Will not hurt cars lacquer and great for car cleaning. 
6. Can be used to polish stainless steel, home appliances, plastic, furniture and car etc.
7. Durable, stretchy, compact, light, and soft.

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