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Pure Detailing Bucket

Item Number: BK05
Material: 100% Food Grade PP
Size: 18L (4.75 Gallon)
Top: 305mm
Bottom: 265mm
Height: 308mm
Handle Type: Plastic Handle

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Item Number: BK05
Product Name: Pure Detailing Bucket

GlossOnly heavy duty detailing bucket is completely transparent and holds up to 18L of liquid. It not only looks incredible, it also has a whole variety of uses around your car, home, and office! 

1. The pure buckets offers a direct view of what a surface had dwelling on it before being washed.
2. Comes with soft grip on handle, very comfortable for lifting.
3. Easily see when you need new wash water in your bucket.
4. Get clear vision into your wash bucket.
5. Perfectly used with grit guards.
6. Great for two bucket wash method.