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Honeycomb Car Washing Sponge

Item Number: MP10
Material: Quality Foam
size: 22.8*11.8*6.2cm

Size, Color, packing can be Customized
Item Number: MP10
Product Name: Honeycomb Car Washing Sponge

1.GlossOnly Honeycomb Car Washing Sponge are made of high-density foamed materials, which are softer after absorbing water and effectively remove stubborn dirt that is difficult to wash.

2.Its Durable and ultra-fine fibers are not easy to break, super absorbent, rich and delicate foam, effectively retain moisture, increase lubricating effect, leaving no scratches, making car wash easier.

3.It can quickly wash the car body, not only for car washing, but also can be used in a variety of scenarios, such as cleaning, cars, motorcycles, housekeeping, etc. 

4. Humanized design, easy to pinch and grip, more convenient for car washing. It can produce a lot of foam in a period of time, cleaning the body easier.