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Compound Bottle Holder
- With Holes in the Front

Item Number: CBR02
Material: Iron 
Size:  Length: 53cm, Width: 10cm, High: 10+5 cm, Slot Size: 8.5cm

LOGO: Laser Cutting Logo/Laser Scan Logo

Logo, Size, Color can be Customized
Item Number: CBR02
Product Name: Compound Bottle Holder

GLOSSONLY Compound Bottle Holder Used for storage spray bottles, abrasive, cleaning agent, etc. 
The hole edge with soft leather for safe storage. All tools and accessories are in good order in detailing shop.


1. High grade coated iron material
2. Trimmed with a soft rubber strip
3. High Durability
4. Laser cutting logo
5. The rack with 5 holes and 5 plastic hanging hooks


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