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Finger Foam Applicator

Item Number: WA19
Material: Quality Foam
Size: 13*9cm

Size, Color, Logo Can Be Customized
Categories: Waxing Applicator
Item Number: WA19
Product Name: Finger Foam Applicator

GlossOnly finger applicator allows you to feel the application process as you coat your car with a wax or liquid sealant/dressing quickly and conveniently.
They are invaluable when cleaning, polishing, and protecting your vehicle’s wheels, exhaust, door handles and other hard to reach areas.
The finger pockets allow you more control when detailing intricate areas of your vehicle.

1. High quality imported foam, soft and durable 
2. Double-sided design, so you can turn it  over when it becomes soiled.
Non-abrasive and safe to use on all painted, plastic, and glass surfaces 
3. You can wrap three or four fingers depending on large your hand is into the foam pocket, to reach the narrow spaces for easy and efficient cleaning.
4. Machine sealed edge, will not scratch the paint.
5. Perfect for car waxing, interior cleaning, leather seat cleaning and much more 


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