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Foam Buffing Pad
Flat Face

Item Number: FP02

Matrial: Germany Foam 
Size: 3", 5", 6" 7"... etc.
Thickness: 30mm
Grade: 1. Cutting 2. Polishing 3. Finishing

Size, Color, Logo can be Customized
Item Number: FP02
Product Name: Foam Buffing Pad (Flat Face)

Cutting Pad
It removes light to moderate defects like swirls, scratches, oxidation, and water spots to restore gloss, depth, and reflection to painted surfaces.. The medium cut of maroon cutting pads balances enough power to remove the majority of defects from most finishes, but is gentle enough for even the most sensitive paint jobs.
Polishing Pad
It is soft and gentle, and restore a deep wet shine to painted finishes. It is perfect for enhancing gloss after cutting away heavy swirls and scratches with harder compounds and cutting pads. if desired gloss is achieved, move on to finishing with sealant and wax; if more gloss is needed, consider re-polishing with cutting compound and refining again for maximum gloss.
Finishing Pad
It is extra light duty finishing pads. While cutting and polishing pads remove paint to restore gloss and shine, finishing pads have no cut and only spread the perfect coat of sealant or wax for protection against the elements and added shine. The soft pads is perfect for applying the perfect coat of sealant or wax with minimal product waste.
1. Imported Germany Foam
2. Good balance
3. Special strong glue won’t peel off
4. Apply to DA/RO/GA machine
5. Good effect for heat releasing
6. High quality hook&loop material won’t deform even after many times using 
7. Long service life, can be washed and reused for many times.

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