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Big Mouth Snow Foam Cannon

Item Number: FC02
Material: PP Body, Copper Connector
Volume: 800ml(32OZ)
Water Pressure: 1000-3500PSI
Max temperature: 140°F/60℃
Jet Nozzle Orifice:1.15mm
Kinds of Connectors for Options: 1/4" Quick Coupling, Karcher K, Karcher HD, Nilfisk, Bosch, Alto, Lavor, etc.

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Item Number: FC02
Product Name: Big Mouth Snow Foam Cannon

GlossOnly foam cannon offers a very high level of foaming, gives the safest and most effective way of car washing. 
Using a foam cannon and a pressure washer is the ideal way to clean vehicles to perfection while minimizing scratches and other abrasions.


1. With a 1.15 orifice adjustable foam nozzle, gives thick sticky foam in from 90 degree wide flat gently to 0 degree jet patterns. 
2.  New advanced big plastic cap enable you to screw bottle on and off easily and smoothly. Big size bottle neck let you fill soap and water into bottle easier and free of splashing out.
3.  1/4 quick-connect included. It can also attached to different joints like Nilfisk, Lavor, Gerni, etc. It all made of high quality brass which is convenient, fast, time-saving and durable.
4.  Our material is produced by precise machine to make recommended working pressure at 1000-3500PSI and flow rate is 1.5GPM. This pressure level suit to different car washing machines
5.  Made of super-plastic, chemically resistant high density polyethylene(HDPE) and high quality brass. It's very durable which can provide long service life.

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