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Clarity Glass Towel

Item Number: MT18
Material: 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide
Thickness: 300GSM 
Size: A: 40x40cm B: 40x60cm C: 60x90cm 
Border: Sewn, Suede, Silk...etc. for Options

Size, Color, Logo Can Be Customized
Product Name: Clarity Glass Towel
Item Number: MT18

GlossOnly Clarity Glass Towel is a luxurious microfiber towel designed with a unique weave to obtain the best streak-free and lint free finish on glass surfaces. It will get the best results when cleaning glass is having premium accessories that are well crafted to deliver superior performance on interior and exterior glass and mirrors.

1. The towel is crafted specifically for glass so you can get maximum clarity and streak-free results.
2. Comes with a unique microfiber weave automotive glass and mirrors both inside and out. 
3. That’s crafted with durable material so you can use again and again.
4. Maximum performance on interior & exterior glass & mirrors and specifically for glass cleaning

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