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High Pressure Washer Gun

Item Number: WG01
Material: Brass+PA Plastic, Brass+PA Plastic
Fitting: 1/4 inch outlet quick disconnect fitting
Inlet Fitting: M22-14 Thread inlet fitting
Nozzle: 5 colors nozzle
Max Pressure: 4350PSI/300BAR
Item Number: WG01
Product Name: High Pressure Washer Gun 

Five different colors nozzle meet your needs in different situations:
1. 0 Degree Red Nozzle: Clean high areas or are as hard to reach such as crevices in sidewalks and driveway.
2. 15 Degrees Yellow Nozzle: Clean brick, concrete and other hard surfaces with stubborn stains.
3. 25 Degrees Green Nozzle: Clean wood, fences, painted surfaces, siding and lawn mowers.
4. 40 Degrees White Nozzle: Clean screens and windows.
5. 65 Degrees Black Soap Nozzle: Spray on detergents..


1. The gun body is made of engineering plastic, internal structure is brass and stainless steel, which is strong and durable, ensures working normally at 4530PSI Maximum.
2. Includes high pressure washer gun, 5 different colors spray nozzles creating 5 patterns for a variety of uses.
3. 1/4 inch outlet quick disconnect fitting and M22-14 Thread inlet fitting (inside diameter 14mm).
4. There's a child locking safety handle to prevent accidental sprays.

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