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Mesh Face Magic Clay Towel

Item Number: CL02-A
Material: 100% Microfiber + Black Mesh Clay 
Size: 30*30cm
Packaging: Blister Box/Kraft Box or Customized
Item Number: CL02-A
Product Name: Mesh Face Magic Clay Towel

1. Can effectively remove 90% of the contaminate of paint surface, such as: tars, painting, industrial rust, worms, bird drops and more.
2. Keep using up to 50-100 cars more depending on the dirty level on the car paint. Can be reused numerous times cloths.
3. Fast cleaning for only 5-15 minutes solved all splatter painting by this clay towel.
4. The most easy, fast and convenience way to clean and do no harm to car surface.

GlossOnly Premium Mesh Surface uses advanced High-tech Polymer Technology to remove paint over spray, water spots, tree sap, rail dust and other bonded surface contaminants from the surface of car body paint, glass, moldings and plastic without using any chemicals with Unbelievable Results!
It is easy to use and requires very little effort, long lasting, works fast and achieves professional results.

1. Please don't use it directly on dry painting surface.
2. Cannot be used directly on high temperature surface. Otherwise, it may be dissolved on the surface

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