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Metal Bucket Dolly

Item Number: BD04
Material: Iron
Diameter: 280mm
Size: 400*400*170mmm
2 Spray Bottle Holders for 16oz Bottles & 5 Spaces for Brushes (18mm to 31mm)
Item Number: BD04
Product Name: Metal Bucket Dolly


1) Made of 2 mm high quality steel 2) locking wheels 3) Galvanized 4) Powder coated 5) holes for storing chemicals, e.g. shampoos 6) 5 holes for brushes


The GlossOnly Premium bucket trolley is perfect for washing the car, significantly increasing the comfort of work and eliminating the need to carry a heavy bucket. The trolley is made of high-quality galvanized steel, finally covered with a protective layer of powder paint. An undoubted advantage of the trolley are specially made holes for storing bottles with chemicals and 5 brushes. The construction of the trolley is very stable, preventing it from tipping over and spilling water.