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Waterproof Two Color Microfiber Wash Mitt

Item Number: MM11
Material:100% Soft Microfiber, Both Sides Plush Microfiber. 
Size: 28x18.5cm

Size, Color, Logo Can Be Customized
Item Number: MM11
Product Name: Waterproof Two Color Microfiber Wash Mitt

GlossOnly Two Color Waterproof Microfiber Wash Mitt is made by soft plush microfiber. Can be used for washing, drying hard to reach areas or for difficult contamination removal.
Soaks up large amounts of water,but water proof your hands. Ideally for drying the car. Can also be used to help the removal of tar, tree sap and other deposits safely

1.  Two Color Combined;
2. More larger size;
3. Water proof design inside ; 
4. Superior soft and thick microfiber;
5. Lint-free & scratch-free; 
6.Superior durability & repeated uses.