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Chenille Car Wash Mop

Item Number: MOP03
Material: Micorifber chenille
Mop Head Size: 20x30cm
Extenable handle length: 58-110cm
Hair length: 3cm
Product Name: Chenille Car Wash Mop
Item Number: MOP03

The chenille car wash mop is made with soft chenille brush head and stainless steel telescopic rod, durable, high toughness, no space occupying, freely adjustable length and easy cleaning. It is suitable for all types of vehicles.

- Brand new and high quality.
- Chenille cashmere has good water absorption
- Aluminum rod retractable chenille cleaning mop, with good detergency, easy to clean, good foaming function.
- The handle can rotate 180 degrees, convenient and flexible.
- When the pole is removed, use it like a glove and a rag.


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