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Premium Microfiber Wheel Brush

Item Number: BR14-B
Microfiber Brush
Material: 92% Polyester / 8% Viscose
A: Overall Length: 39cm, Microfiber Part Length: 18cm. Hair Length: 3cm
B: Overall Length: 44cm,  Microfiber Part Length: 20cm. Hair Length: 4cm
C: Overall Length: 52cm, Microfiber Part Length: 25cm. Hair Length: 5cm
D: 45° Angled Design, Overall Length: 52cm, Microfiber Part Length: 18cm. Hair Length: 3cm
Handle: POM

Customized Color,  Logo are Available 
Item Number: BR14-B
Product Name: Premium Microfiber Wheel Brush

1. COMPLETE BRUSH SET: The GlossOnly wheel detailing set includes four purpose-built brushes in 4 sizes, perfect for narrow spaces, spokes, rims, edges, tire and wheel surfaces
2.  SCRUBLESS CLEANING: The thick fibers of these absorbent brushes hold cleaning liquids better than alternative products, quickly and easily lifting dirt and debris off your vehicle without a scratch
3. DURABLE QUALITY: Each brush head is made from gentle but absorbent synthetic wool, while the polypropylene handles provide a sure but comfortable grip; both ends are carefully made to provide years of reliable use
4.  FLEXIBLE DESIGN: These rim cleaning brushes allow quick and easy access as you work around your hub and tire for thorough and efficient cleaning
5. EASY MAINTENANCE: The high-quality synthetic fibers used for these wheel cleaning brushes rinses and air dries easily between uses