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Tire Brush

Item Number: BR15-A
Material: Plastic handle +PP bristle

Size: 21*7*5cm
Hair Length: 5cm 
Weight: 210g
Handle: Plastic Handle

Size, Color, Logo Can Be Customized
Item Number: BR15-A
Product Name: Tire Brush

GlossOnly Tire brush short-handle design is easier to control around your wheels and we’ve increased the fiber density by almost 15% giving you a softer feel and more cleaning power out of the same compact brush head design. 
This brush fibers are slightly more rigid than natural fibers, allowing them to more effectively agitate the cleaner and break the bonds of dirt and grime. 
Additionally, the synthetic fibers don’t smell when wet and don’t shed, two big complaints with natural fiber brushes.
1. Long soft fibers, ideal for wheel cleaning 
2. Short handle is easy to control around your wheels
3. Denser and more durable fiber construction 
4. Soft Enough to minimize swirls & scratching
5. Flogged chemical resistant bristles
6. Great for tires, wheels, rims, inner fenders, undercarriages and more
7. Heavy duty non slip handle for the perfect grip


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