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Heavy Duty Chemical Resistant Trigger Spray Bottle 

Item Number: TSB01
Material: HDPE
Volume: 800ML

Size, Color, Logo, Packing Can Be Customized
Item Number: TSB01
Product Name: Heavy Duty Chemical Resistant Trigger Spray Bottle

GlossOnly All Purpose Heavy Duty Trigger Spray Bottle is equipped with a fully adjustable nozzle. To adjust the spray stream gradually. It will adjust from off to a full stream. The bottle contains a graduation and dilution scale to help with mixing and diluting liquids. The commercial grade bottle also contains a no-clog strainer. 
Firmly attach spray head to bottle, twist open nozzle to desired spray pattern and spray. For prolonged life fully evacuate sprayer and rinse with water after use.
It is Chemical&Acid&Solvent Resistant spray bottle and high quality made in Taiwan spray head are designed
to be super easy to use as the very last step in your regular wash routine.


1. No-Leak Seal
2. High Durability
3. High Strength
4. Chemical&Acid&Solvent Resistant Resistant
5. High Output Sprayer
6. Adjustable Nozzle Sprays 
7. Dip tube container no clog strainer

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