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Foam Applicator

Item Number: WA07
Material: High Quality Sponge, Imported Sponge
Item Number: WA07
Product Name: Foam Applicator

GlossOnly Tire Dressing Applicator is made of a soft and durable foam that will evenly spread tire dressing. Design with a slight slit in between the foam to provide a comfortable grip. This neat design will allows you to apply the tire dressing without getting product on your hands.
- The high quality foam is sturdy and durable to withstand frequent applications.
- Works great with all types of wax, tire dressings...liquid or gel. 
- Notched center allows for a better grip and keeps your hands cleaner. 
- Foam applicator applies just the right amount...minimizing sling. 
- Smaller size is perfect for low profile tires. 
- Washable and re-usable. 


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