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Velvet Wax Applicator

Item Number: WA20
Material: Velvet+Foam+Satin
Size: Dia. 8.5cm ,Foam Thickness: 1cm
Size, Color, Logo Can Be Customized
Categories: Waxing Applicator
Item Number: WA20
Product Name: Velvet Wax Applicator

GlossOnly Round Microfiber Velvet Wax Applicator promote an even application of polishes, glazes, waxes and protectants. 
The microfiber covered foam design also great for rubber and vinyl protectants and dressings. 
The applicators are lint free, clear-coat safe, and will not harm painted, chromed, or polished surfaces.

1. Ideal for applying waxes, polish, glazes and more
2. Perfect for interior and exterior
3. Ultimate softness, absorbency and longevity
4. Swirl free and Scratch free
5. Machine washable and reusable

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