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Ceramic Coating Applicator Kit

Item Number: WA16
Material: Microfiber Suede Cloth+ Sponge Applicator
Suede Cloth Size: 10x10cm 
Coating Applicator Size:10x5x(1.5+0.5)cm

Size, Color, Logo Can Be Customized
Categories: Waxing Applicator
Item Number: WA16
Product Name: Ceramic Coating Applicator Kit

GlossOnly Sponge Applicator Kit with Microfiber Cloths Perfect for Ceramic Coating are the ideal applicators for today's highly advanced ceramic coatings which require a very thin and even application with minimal absorption.
After each side of the GlossOnly Ceramic Coating Suede Microfiber Applicator has been used with a ceramic coating it is not reusable so it is important to have plenty on hand so you always have a fresh applicator.


1) Ultra Soft Suede Microfiber+Ceramic Coating Applicator
2) Perfect for Thin & Even Application of Ceramic Coatings
3) Minimal Ceramic Coating Absorption


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