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DUO Foam Wax Applicator

Item Number: WA18
Material: High Quality Sponge, Imported Sponge

Customized size, logo and color are available!
Categories: Waxing Applicator
Item Number: WA18
Product Name: DUO Foam Wax Applicator

GlossOnly DUO Wax Applicator is dual sided which allows for added convenience when working in areas that your Polisher can't reach .It is a great way to quickly remove light scuffs and scratches, while being able to apply a wax or sealant without having to get out a separate pad.
It is ideal for use on paint finishes, wheels and tires, and on surfaces including leather, vinyl and rubber.
Easy to clean, does not hurt the surface of car. Not only for car waxing, but also for interior cleaning, leather seat cleaning.


1. High quality wax applicator, One side is for applying polishes or compounds. Another side is softer which allows for smooth, easy wax application.
2. It is chemically stable to acid and alkalinity, and it is hard to react to other chemicals. It keeps shine while polishing.
3. Non-abrasive and safe to use on all painted, plastic, and glass surfaces. It is durable and good elasticity, no harm to car paint.
4. It will not change shape at any pressure, there are enough air hole to absorb tiny dust to avoid scratch on the car.
5. Perfect for car waxing, interior cleaning, leather seat cleaning and much more 
6. Washable and reusable

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