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Wheel Wool Brush

Item Number: WD02
Material: 100% Natural Sheepskin Wool

A: Overall Length: 54cm, Wool Part Length: 20cm
B: Overall Length: 37cm, Wool Part Length: 15cm
C: Overall Length: 32cm, Wool Part Length: 14cm
D: 45° Angled Design, Overall Length: 48cm, Wool Part Length: 15cm

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Item Number: WD02
Product Name: Wheel Wool Brush

- The GlossOnly wool wheel and trim brushes are designed and developed specifically for car professionals and enthusiast.
- The premium wheel woo brushes are all made of 100% natual sheepskin wool, ultra-soft and metal-free, extremely safe and effective for cleaning any wheels.
- The fluffy wool brushes are in four different sizes, suitable for all wheel types and finishes, offers great cleaning ability.
- Washable, chemical resistant, durable, and reusable.


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