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Double-Sided Wool Buffing Pad

Item Number: WP04
Material: 4-Ply Twist 100% Natural Wool
Size: 8inch

Size, Color, Logo Can Be Customized
Item Number: WP04
Product Name: Double Sided Wool Pads

GlossOnly Double Sided Pads are made with plush durable 4-ply twisted fibers.
We have a wide selection of wools and pile heights for all your application needs.
It has double surface area to remove swirls and restore the shine to automotive paint. 
A center adapter system ensures balanced, uniform results every time. 
Use the 8inch Double Sided Wool Polishing Pad with your rotary polisher and an extender bolt, screws into a rigid plate in the center of the pad. This plate is surrounded by a soft edge that prevents marring on contours and curves

1. Easily cuts and remove swirl marks and scratches and oxidation from painted automotive surfaces.
2. Constructed of high quality soft lambs wool, selected 100% twisted 4-ply wool yarn.fluffy and soft, won't hurt the car.
3. This wool pad is also washable for repeated use.
4. The wool is eco-friendly and not easy to fall off when polishing.
5. M14 and 5/8'' thread choices, can be used with the most of polishing machine.
6. Central nut with standard size, easily to install on the polisher.
7. With two useable sides Just turn off the machine and flip the pad over. It's like two pads in one.

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