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Purple Wool Buffing Pads

Item Number: WP05
Material: 100% Natural Wool
Wool Color: Purple
Foam Color: Black, Maroon, Green, or Customized
Size: 3'', 5'', 6'', 7''

Size, Color, Logo Can Be Customized
Item Number: WP05
Product Name: Purple Wool Buffing Pads

The foamed wool buffing/polishing pad is designed for effective paint correction with a fine finish. The manufactured wool stands up better than natural wool pads to provide more cushion against the paint. 
The vent hole in the middle can also help heat release and reduces stress from the center of the pad.
It works great on dual action polisher and won’t peel off even after using many times.
Rotary polisher and GA polisher is also a good choice to attached.


1. 100% Natural Wool Material
2. Good balance
3. Magic Hard White Bonding Won’t Peel Off
4. Apply to DA/RO/GA machine
5. Good effect for heat releasing, even worked in a long time still keep cool.
6. High quality hook&loop material won’t deform even after many times using 
7. Long service life, can be washed and reused for many times.
8. It is suitable for cutting, perfect for fast scratching remover

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