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Wool Polishing Pad

Item Number: WP02
Material: 100% Wool + Foam in the Middle 
Size: 3",5", 6", 7"...etc.
Wool Length: 20mm 
Foam Thickness: 10mm 

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Item Number: WP02
Product Name: Wool Polishing Pad

GlossOnly Wool buffing pads are generally more aggressive and easier to control than foam pads. 
They have a greater available cutting surface area due to the presence of thousands of fibers. 
These fibers provide faster cutting action than foam pads, Wool fibers hold the polish to provide even distribution of material and require less pressure from the operator. 
The nap helps wool pads glide and conform to contours, making them easier to control than foam pads. Because of their cutting ability, wool pads are effective for removing sanding scratches and perform best on rotary type buffing tools. Depending on the polish type, individual technique, composition of the coating, and the tool used, finishing with a wool pad may require a follow-up step with a foam pad and polish to remove micro-marring or swirl marks.


1. Strong ability to clean the paint by removing oxidation.
2. To remove fine scratches and swirls from a paint surface produced from improper washing or drying technique.
3. Makes your car paint life extension, looks more shinning and brighter, just like a new one.
4. Provides the most aggressive cutting action for fast remove finishing abrasive sand scratches, oxidation and other paint surface defects.
5. The dense pile surface holds the polish for even consistent material distribution while minimizing splatter and jumping.
6. It can be re-used again and again for the life of the pad. Finish results are depend on specific polish used, coating type, and the tool used.


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