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Microfiber Interior Scrubbing Mitt

Item Number: IS02
Material: Microfiber Mesh Fabric+Nylon Brush Fabric
Size: 16x21cm
Two Side Combined, One side is mesh fabric, another side is nylon brush fabric

Color, Size, Logo can be Customized
Item Number: IS02
Product Name: Microfiber Interior Scrubbing Mitt

GlossOnly New Scrubbing Mitts are your new favorite interior surface scrubbing tool! Scrubber utilize a new 100% Nylon Brush Fabric, which is more like a brush than a fabric. The firm, yet gentle fibers provide the right amount of agitation without damaging surfaces. The Nylon Brush Fabric's bristles stand firm and scrub deep into fabric pours and contours.

1. The wash mitt is made of microfiber mesh fabric and brush-like, bristle-type fabric. 
2. Perfect for scrubbing interior vehicle surfaces like plastic, leather, vinyl, and upholstery.
3. The microfiber mesh materia cuts though dirt and grime.
4. The firm but gentle fibers of the scrub mitt can get deep into fabric pours and contours.

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