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Microfiber Interior Wedge Scrubber

Item Number: IS05
Material: Microfiber Mesh Fabric+Quality Foam+Nylon Brush Fabric
Size: 12*6.5*9cm(Triangle Shape)
Five Faces Combined, Four faces are mesh fabric, another face is nylon brush fabric 

Color, Size, Logo can be Customized
Item Number: IS05
Product Name: Microfiber Interior Wedge Scrubber

GlossOnly microfiber interior wedge scrubber is made of new 100% Nylon Brush Fabric, which is more like a brush than a fabric, the firm but gentle fibers of the scrub mitt get deep into fabric pours and contours. The microfiber mesh material cuts through dirt and grime. Perfect for scrubbing and cleaning interior vehicle surfaces like plastic, leather, vinyl, and upholstery.

1. Aggressive but gentle cleaning – The stiff nylon bristles brush away debris gently and with ease. More aggressive than a microfiber towel but more gentle than a melamine sponge.
2. Wedge shape for leverage and control – The ergonomic wedge shape fits easy in your hand and provides leverage for aggressive scrubbing. The narrow/tapered ends get deep into seams and tight spaces.
3. A sponge like a brush – The nylon bristles work like the bristles of a brush, but the tool works like a sponge. The best of both worlds!
4. Control chemical use – Spray your cleaning chemical directly into the bristles to control chemical usage and to prevent.