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Wool Polishing Pad

Item Number: WP01
Material: 100% Wool + Foam in the Middle 
Grade: Fine, Medium, Aggressive
Size: 5 inch, 6 inch, 7 inch 

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Item Number: WP01
Product Name: Wool Polishing Pad

The wool polishing pads are made from the highest quality wool, these pads are perfect to used with a DA Polisher and they will help remove deeper swirls quicker along with oxidation and other defects in cars paintwork.

1. Excellent grinding feature, saving polishing wax compared to ordinary wool pad.
2. Made from 100% Sheepskin wool with adhesive Velcro
3. Uses a sponge buffer layer to reduce the risk of damage paint and improve work efficiency.
4. The opening hole can effectively reduce the accumulation of heat during polishing.


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